Valle dei Templi Footbridge

Project Description

In the proposed concept, for the competition of the footbridge, it has been proposed an arch typology spanning an urban road that separates two important archaeological areas in the context of the Valle dei Templi in Agrigento.

The basic concept is inspired a few simple lines. The arch, which symbolizes the stable union of spiritual and temporal power, and the beam, which has always been the paradigm of an easier structural readability; these two elements form the structure while the definition of the path above is left to the more simple functionality of the connection of spaces and it's independent with respect to the structural sense of the work.

The arch is made by precast concrete spanning 15 m about and he's perpendicularly located over the axis of the road beneath while the deck structure is made by three metallic beams variable in their height; about 40 cm at the center and about 20 cm at the ends.

Project Details

  • Made withStudio Amati and Prof. Tatiana Kirova