Corace River Bridge

Project Description

This bridge is one of the boldest kind of Maillart arch typology ever made by Adriano Galli. This is the first example of arch bridge made of reinforced concrete in the South of Italy: more than 170 meters composed by two access viaducts, consisting of a three-deck continuous beams on four sturdy support, and a very solid, as slender, central arch spanning about 80 meters. A big flow caused the unavailability of the bridge and we prepared a design in two work phases.

In the first phase of the work it has been implemented a design aimed to make safer the bridge keeping on, during the work period, the light traffic and pedestrian connection between the two banks. This phase has been fully and successful implemented.

In the second future phase it will be implemented the real adjustment design operating a re-qualification of the structures: two new lateral steel bridge decks, supported by a pair of "powerful arms" as if to re- interpret the Athlas’s myth, will bear a wide pedestrian paths creating a sort of bridge-square and a place from where it will be possible to enjoy the breathtaking panoramic views of this landscape.

Project Details

  • Made witheng Andrea Totaro
  • ClientProgeest Srl