Leonardo Da Vinci Footbridge

Project Description

In a wide renovation city plan of Kazan the new Istanbul park, designed by the Turkish architect Hakan Kiran from Istanbul, was present. Within the project of the Istanbul Park was also present our modern interpretation of the footbridge designed by Leonardo da Vinci in 1502.

The footbridge has been designed using duplex stainless steel, spanning about 60 m, with a slightly tilted couple of arches, an urban road. The footbridge would be implemented in a second work stage and represents the physical and cultural link between Kazan and Istanbul.

The use of duplex was dictated by the desire to create a work of art that could be sustained over time and therefore able to stand in such aggressive environment where maintenance efforts have to be low as much as possible. By adopting Leonardo’s approach, considering today’s materials and achievable forms, it has been created a stimulating design which allows the perception of the new place in the urban daily living landscape.

Project Details

  • Made witharch Ali Ulvi Altan
  • ClientHakan Kiran architect