Sirinevler Footbridge

Project Description

The ┼×irinevler footbridge project, placed in an urban context formed by different identities, has been developed considering physical and cultural connections. The reasons for the steel and wooden structures were based on this founding principle.

The intention was to show how the technological choices could be faced in relation to the anthropological aspects, starting from a very simple fact namely the name commonly given by people to the existing structure: Civilization Bridge.

The wooden structure, which forms a fluid continuum with the footpath starting from the green area, would represent the new residential space, and the very peculiar lattice beams of the hybrid steel structure, coming from the opposite side, would represent the crowded historical space. These two elements, arising from the interpretation of how the two places collaborate, meet each other in the meddle defining the canopy.

Project Details

  • Made witharch Ali Ulvi Altan, eng Ozan Ustundag and eng Fikret Firat
  • ClientProgeest Srl and Istanbul Municipality