T.C.D.D. Yedikule Project

Project Description

The aim of this Cultural Impact Assessment is to investigate the possible effects (impacts/benefits) that the T.C.D.D. YEDIKULE PROJECT - YEDİKULE TCDD CER ATÖLYELERİ could have on the cultural values belonging to the Istanbul historical areas inscribed on the World Heritage List which convey OUV, and on the historical and cultural values belonging to the site; this investigation are going to consider the interrelation that the new project trigger with the landscape, namely with the cultural values mentioned above.

From the cultural point of view, this aspect is particularly important especially when one considers that the area influenced by the project is much wider than the one it physically occupies. A project could produce effects on the landscape, namely on its natural and anthropogenic characterization interacting (deleting or modifying) with elements that signify the identity of man's relationship with the territory.

Project Design is being developed and improved in accordance with the recommendations of the assessment.

Project Details

  • Made withPhD V. Martini, PhD M. Culatti, PhD L. Siviero, PhD P. Barizza, arch. Pınar Ozge Gezer
  • ClientEGEYAPI Group