The New 15 Angel’s Bridge

Project Description

The new steel bridge replaces an existing one, made in 50's in reinforced concrete structure, which is now in very bad maintenance conditions.

The name of the new bridge refers to a tragic event that led to the construction of the old concrete bridge being replaced: during the transit of a religious procession the original bridge, a wooden structure very worn by time, collapsed carrying back fifteen children. Wanting to keep a cultural sign of the history of the place the new bridge has been called "The New 15 angel's bridge".

The new bridge spans 56 m about and its geometry results from a study aimed to optimize the static behaviour of the work; this is the reason of a section with greater height in the middle and smaller at sides. The defined shapes, in lateral view and plan, gives to the bridge a fluid and streamlined appearance, which looks like a very tensed segmental arch; steel stiffeners inserted into the lateral beams define an interesting and rhythmic play of lights and shadows.

The absence of disguises, such as carter or outer covering, allows a clear reading of the structural behaviour of the work in relation to the distribution of forces and pressures. The absence of visual adulteration, used materials and geometry of the structures, have allowed to achieve high levels of cheapness and a quite stimulating aesthetic effect.

Project Details

  • Made withEng. A. Bano, Eng. A. Rigato, Eng. G. Ometto, Surv. G. Maragotto
  • ClientCavarzere Municipality and Progeest Srl