Yellow River Bridge

Project Description

In the concept studies for a cable stayed bridge over the Yellow River in China we played with the perceptive elements of colours, lights and sounds.

The groove that marks the symmetry of the pylon defines a play of shadows that hides the cables' connection points. With a controlled play of light, it can be lightened up thus marking a vertical shining light, changing its colour, during the night.

On the top it has been placed a control device, operating on two windows that can be opened and closed to control the amount of blowing wind, producing sound. The wind blowing at that height gives voice to the bridge.

On the top there is a designed space, closed and protected from the open air but transparent, from which an observer can admire the surrounding landscape. This place could be reached by elevators that could be placed inside the pylons.

Project Details

  • Made withArch. C. Sabattini