Halic Metro Bridge

Project Description

The bridge under assessment, a technologically very advanced and complex element, is locate over the Istanbul Golden Horn and has been designed as a cable-stayed bridge with a main central span of 180 m and two side spans of 90 m. To this main system a swing 70 m bridge and two lateral approaching viaducts are inserted, for a total length of approximately 1 km.

The first steps of this assessment and characterisation process dates back to 2010, when Prof. Enzo Siviero was called by the Municipality of Istanbul to draw up an evaluation report - the INDEPENDENT HISTORICAL AND VISUAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT REPORT FOR THE GOLDEN HORN METRO CROSSING BRIDGE. - on the potential impacts of the bridge on the historical peninsula and the areas listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Given the exceptional characteristics of the site, a new methodological approach has been developed, designed for the purpose, on which a preliminary assessment of the impacts of this new work in the historical context of the area was based. This important opportunity has been deepened by an interdisciplinary working that developed several tools in order to implement the mitigation measures coming from the assessment such as the "GOLDEN HORN METRO CROSSING BRIDGE: ALTERNATIVE PROPOSALS TO THE CABLE STAYED BRIDGE AND PRELIMINARY CONSIDERATIONS ON THE IMPACTS.", the " ASSESSMENT OF THE HALIÇ BRIDGE COLOURS", and the "CULTURAL LIGHTING DESIGN ASSESSMENT OF ISTANBUL HALIÇ METRO CROSSING BRIDGE".

Project Details

  • Made withProf. T. Kirova, Prof. J. Schlaich. eng.e D. Sommer, PhD V. Martini, PhD M. Culatti, PhD L. Siviero
  • ClientProf. Enzo Siviero, Progeest Srl and Istanbul Municiplaity