Yeni Gezi Footbridge

Project Description

For the Yeni Gezi Footbridge, we would like to give room to how the anthropological aspects were faced in relation to how the technological choices were made.

The footbridge was treated as a composite technological structure able to act as a link between places in its anthropological meaning, referring to the peculiar identity elements of that territory, without interrupting or altering the overall perception of the landscape where the new structure is inserted. In this sense the historical character of the place, which is identified through its perceptual components, is considered a fundamental part of the footbridge design concept, becoming an intelligible and tangible element for the people who live there or who are simply passing through.

The concept used materials very close to the old Turkish culture. The predominant use of natural materials was also dictated by the presence of the characteristic stone water tower, standing as testimony of a past technological achievement.

Project Details

  • ClientProgeest Srl and Istanbul Municipality